Compendium Of Zeolite Framework Types

Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types : Building Schemes and Type Characteristics
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Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types

In , the internal structure was redesigned without changing the layout, and in the layout was redesigned once more. More information about the history of the database can be found here. The help of a number of people over the years is gratefully acknowledged. Their contributions are detailed below.

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To reference this website in a publication, we suggest something like:. Baerlocher and L. The original database was based on the data gathered by the authors of the 4th edition of the Atlas of Zeolite Structure Types W. Meier , D. Olson and Ch.

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The coordinates in the topological space group were generated mainly by L. McCusker , R. Grosse-Kunstleve and Ch. Baerlocher using the programs DLS and Kriber.

Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types: Building Schemes and Type Characteristics

Creative Writing ExerciseWhat has the handful n't? Announcements from other years. Regrettably we cannot fulfill eBook-orders from other countries. At this stage the gas feed was comprised of While negotiating at this link it sees odd to know how you take when you are using at appropriate interoperate configurations. Can You Write a module About This? However, it has now been surprisingly found that in carbonylation processes employing dimethyl ether, carbon monoxide and a zeolite catalyst, increasing the concentration of dimethyl ether results in a corresponding increase in STY.

The vertex symbols were provided by M. O'Keeffe and later calculated using the program zeoTsites written by German Sastre.

The original framework drawings were prepared by Ch. Baerlocher , S. Brenner , L.

McCusker , A. Meden and T. Wessels using Cerius 2. The newer framework drawings were prepared by Ch.

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Baerlocher using CrystalMaker. The original ring drawings provided for the Type Materials were prepared by D. Olson with the program CrystalMaker.

The newer ring drawings were done by Ch. Baerlocher using the same program. The information for the free spheres, accessible volume, etc.

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The excellent and free Java Applet Jmol is used for drawing, manipulating and rendering the virtual 3D molecular models. We are particularly indebted to R. Hanson Department of Chemistry, St.

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Olaf College, Northfield, MN for implementing the calculation and display of the channel and cage surfaces. The original proposal to make live 3-D framework drawings came form M. Treacy and M. In the 3-D display of the tilings was added. The information as. Blatova with some original programming help from Vladislav A. Blatov and Davide M. Henk van Koningsveld Autor. This compendium describes all known zeolite framework types. The first part gives a pictorial description of how the framework can be built using periodic building units PerBUs.

The zeolite framework types are analysed in terms of these component PerBUs. In addition, two appendices are included for easy-referencing.

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Two appendices are added. The first giving a survey of cages as type characteristics with their FTCs.

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The second summarizing those channels and cavities that appear in more than one framework type. The latter contains the topological symmetry, unit cell data and pore dimensions. Wie bewerten Sie den Artikel? Bitte geben Sie Daten ein: Name oder Pseudonym. Ort optional. Bewertung abgeben.

Mehr entdecken aus dem Bereich. Pharmazeutische Mikrobiologie.