Discourse and Digital Practices: Doing discourse analysis in the digital age

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Building social capital for civic and political engagement: The potential of high-school civics courses. Canadian Journal Of Education, 29 2 , The civic and political significance of online participatory cultures among youth transitioning to adulthood. Digital media literacy education and online civic and political participation.

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International Journal of Communication, 6, Youth, New Media and Citizenship. Kann, L. Youth risk behavior surveillance — United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Discourse and Digital Practices shows how tools from discourse analysis can be used to help us Doing discourse analysis in the digital age, 1st Edition. PDF | On Jan 1, , Ling Jiang and others published Discourse and Digital Practices: Doing Discourse Analysis in the Digital Age.

Public goods, private goods: The American struggle over educational goals. American Educational Research Journal, 34 1 , Lemke, T. Foucault, governmentality, and critique. Rethinking marxism, 14 3 , Lenhart, A. Zalta ed. Preparing teacher candidates for 21st century classrooms: A study of digital citizenship. ProQuest Oxford English Dictionary Online. Civic virtue and Socratic virtue. Polity, Lyons, R. Investigating student gender and grade level differences in digital citizenship behavior. ProQuest Dissertations How to do critical discourse analysis: A multimodal introduction. Maguire, C.

Policy and curriculum recommendations for student cell phone use Order No. Parents, teens, and online privacy. Reducing cyber victimization through home and school partnerships: The effects of a cyber safety workshop on parent and educator perceptions of self-efficacy and attitudes toward family-school collaboration.


ABSTRACT Taking a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, Discourse and digital practices addresses the central issue of how traditional analytical tools developed from discourse analysis can be used to analyze new communication practices associated with digital media. The Progress of Education Reform, 13 1. Parent concerns. Revell, L. Critical discourse analysis.

Citizenship and social class Vol. McCowan, T. Rethinking citizenship education: A curriculum for participatory democracy. McKay, L. Character education with a plus.

Discourse & Digital Practices: Doing Discourse Analysis in the Digital Age

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Discourse Communities: From Origins to Social Media

The changing privacy landscape. The future of privacy. Implementing digital citizenship in schools: The research, development and validation of a technology leader's guide. Digital citizenship in schools 1st ed. Washington, D. Ribble, M. Digital citizenship in schools 2nd ed. Digital citizenship in schools 3rd ed.

Digital citizenship: Addressing appropriate technology behavior. Richards, L. Handling qualitative data. London: Sage. Revell, L. Education Studies 28 4 , Rogers, R.

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An introduction to critical discourse analysis in education. Saldana, J. The coding manual for qualitative researchers.

Teun van Dijk. Discourse and Knowledge

Suppo, C. Digital citizenship instruction in Pennsylvania public schools: School leaders expressed beliefs and current practices. Michel Foucault: Key Concepts. Tunick, R. A snapshot of child psychologists' social media activity: Professional and ethical practice implications and recommendations. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 42 6 , Citizenship: critical concepts Vol.

Tyack, D. Tinkering toward utopia. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

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United States. National Commission on Excellence in Education. A nation at risk: The imperative for educational reform. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. Ensuring equal access to high-quality education. Analysis of state bullying laws and policies. Department of Health and Human Services. Racism and the press.

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Van Dijk, T. Discourse, power and access. Texts and practices: Readings in critical discourse analysis, From an educational perspective, Selwyn suggests moving beyond the celebratory nature of much scholarly work on digital media p. The authors also recommend circumspection in claiming generalisability or representativeness of any findings.

The global potential of digital media and mobile devices does not necessarily entail that they have global reach. Merchant sees iPads as placed resources Prinsloo with their use always being infused with the local as instantiated in routines, relationships and day-to-day operations, as well as by the beliefs, understandings and experiences of participants p. With the exception of Barton and Lee, the discussions included in this volume revolve around Anglophone case studies.

It would be nice to see examples from more languages as this would considerably increase the potency of discourse analysis tools in understanding digital practices.