Facing the Challenge of Implementing Proposition F in San Diego

What If California’s Drought Continues?
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California Department of Finance Legislative Analyses.

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The Administration's view. The Roundup. Daily news from the state capitol.

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Legislative Analyst's Office's fiscal analyses of proposed initiatives California Attorney General: Initiative Measures in circulation. Full text of proposed initiative measures. California Ballot Propositions Historic since Hastings College Law Library. All rights reserved. Please provide proper attribution and links when using information found here.


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For more information or comments contact Michael Coleman at 1. Home Contact About. A presentation from the California taxpayers' perspective showing common taxes, emphasizing how much cities receive.

Institute for Local Government. Cal Facts Legislative Analyst's Office. Conference at UC Berkeley June 6, Proposition Some Unintended Consequences. Jeffrey I. Chapman, Public Policy Institute of California Proposition 13 had three unanticipated consequences: 1 the fiscalization of land use, 2 the growth of arcane finance techniques, and 3 the increase of state control over local government finance.

Michael A. Shires, Public Policy Institute of California This report examines the changes that have occurred in state and local public finance between the passage of Proposition 13 in and , addressing three questions: 1 How has the share of locally controlled revenues changed? Has Proposition 13 Delivered? The Changing Tax Burden in California. One question that has arisen in the debate over public finances is whether Proposition 13 has succeeded in reducing the tax burden of Californians.

Facing the Challenge of Implementing Proposition F in San Diego

This report shows that it has. California Taxpayers Association, November Proposition A Look Back. Proposition 26 and Implementation Guide. May Proposition Implementation Guide for Special Districts. Kelly Salt. California Special Districts Association.

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Proposition 1A Facts. A summary of the provisions of Proposition 1A. Text of Proposition 1A. These were part of the State Budget Act of About California Cities. Lists, powers, types. League of California Cities. Charter Cities in California. International City Management Association. Carter City Fact Sheet.

Fast facts re California city demographics and finances. County Fact Sheet. Special District Fact Sheet. Descriptions of Organization and Responsibilities of California Governments.

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In November , the voters of San Diego approved Proposition F, which involves a switch from a Council-Manager to a Mayor-Council form. Facing The Challenge of Implementing. Proposition F in San Diego. Kevin F. McCarthy, Rae W. Archibald. With Brian Weatherford. Prepared for the Better.

Census Bureau, Census of Governments. Assembly Committee on Local Government December Commission on Local Governance for the 21st Century. Final Report "Growth Within Bounds. City Incorporations and the New Public Finance.

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An outline of how changes to the VLF and property tax in lieu of VLF effect the finances of future city incorporations. Knox and Marc A Levinson. Max Neiman and Daniel Krimm. Public Policy Institute of California. Research surveys published by the National League of Cities. Mark Baldassare and Christopher Hoene.

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The January version adds a new indicator: " 3 Capital Asset Condition," makes various minor edits and improvements, and adds a checklist for important financial management policies. August revision. California Society of Municipal Finance Officers. September Financial Management for Elected Officials. Government Finance Officers Association.

California Proposition 5, Property Tax Transfer Initiative () - Ballotpedia

November Western City. Avoiding and Using Chapter 9 by John H. December An excellent overview. A detailed description of legislative changes to state assitance and property tax allocations in the five years following Propositon Comparing State and Local Government Finances. Michael Coleman and Michael G. ERAF facts. A concise explanation of ERAF with tables and charts showing historic and projected ERAF losses and mitigations for cities, counties and special districts.

A concise explanation of Proposition , the half-cent sales tax for Public Safety adopted by voters as a partial mitigation for ERAF. Legislative Analyst's Office, December 18, Not reimbursable. Western City Magazine. March What's a Mandate: Overview. Commission on State Mandates Guide.

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Improving the Mandate Process. Reform concepts from the Legislative Analyst's Office. Feb Mandated Cost Claim filing instructions payment info, reports and related information from the California State Controller. Rethinking Property Tax Allocation. Why do property tax shares vary among cities? A thorough look at reasons and remedies. Michael Coleman, Nov CalTax Digest.


Allocating the Property Tax. Sexton, Steven M. Sheffrin, Stephen D. A step by step guide through the process County Auditors use to allocate property tax revenues among local governments. The Fiscalization of Land Use The disconnect between service costs and revenues in urban development impairs the provision of city services and deters balanced planning. A detailed table comparing the annual revenues and service expenses from several development alternatives in a theoretical city.