Monthly Review - December 2006, Volume 58 — Number 7

Supply Surplus Weighs on Global Coffee Prices
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Beginning in mid, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange itself began to release figures of the nominal value of contracts traded at the CME each month. In November , the CME boasted that it had set a new monthly record of By late , this monthly value had doubled. Soon thereafter, the CME ceased to provide a figure for the dollar value of contracts traded.

Futures contracts are a "contract to buy or sell a very common homogenous item at a future date for a specific price". The nominal value of a futures contract is wildly different from the risk involved in engaging in that contract. But what is the risk?

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For the buyer. This means the buyer must purchase the wheat from someone else; this is known as the "spot market". Furthermore, futures are traded via exchanges, which guarantee that if one party reneges on its end of the bargain, 1 that party is blacklisted from entering into such contracts in the future and 2 the injured party is insured against the loss by the exchange. If the loss is so large that the exchange cannot cover it, then the members of the exchange make up the loss. The financial sector is a key industry in developed economies, in which it represents a sizeable share of the GDP and an important source of employment.


Financial services banking , insurance , investment, etc. Those activities have also played a key role in facilitating economic globalization. As early as the beginning of the 20th Century, a small number of financial sector firms have controlled the lion's share of wealth and power of the financial sector. The notion of an American "financial oligarchy" was discussed as early as In an article entitled "Our Financial Oligarchy," Louis Brandeis , who in was appointed to the United States Supreme Court , wrote that "We believe that no methods of regulation ever have been or can be devised to remove the menace inherent in private monopoly and overwhelming commercial power" that is vested in U.

House of Representatives , which in found that control of credit in America was concentrated in the hands of a small group of Wall Street firms that were using their positions to accumulate vast economic power. Key players of financial sector firms also had a seat at the table in devising the central bank of the United States.

In November the five heads of the country's most powerful finance sector firms gathered for a secret meeting on Jekyll Island with U. Senator Nelson W.


Dried and sterilised vegetable waste, residues and byproducts, whether or not in the form of pellets, or a kind used in animal feeding, not elsewhere specified or included. Zinc-containing drosses: —. This Regulation should be applied in accordance with international maritime law. As we have seen, many public-sector pension funds did shun the cdo s and cds s, which is one reason why the investment banks were caught with so much inventory on their hands. Before a decision is reached pursuant to sentences 1 to 3, the holder of the authorisation shall be heard unless danger is imminent. Trove provides integrated access to over 45 million items from a range of the National Library's collaborative services and from elsewhere.

Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the U. Treasury Department A. Piatt Andrew and laid the plans for the U. Federal Reserve System. Such financial sector practices included the creation of private mortgage-backed securities , [15] and more speculative approaches to the creation and trading of derivatives based on new quantitative models of risk and value, [16]. Wall Street ramped up pressure on the United States Congress for more deregulation, including for the repeal of Glass-Steagall , a New Deal law that, among other things, prohibits a bank that accepts deposits from functioning as an investment bank since the latter entails greater risks.

As a result of this rapid financialization, the financial sector scaled up vastly in the span of a few decades. In , the financial sector comprised 3. GDP , but by it had reached 5. Profits in the American financial sector in were six times higher on average than in , compared with non-financial sector profits, which on average were just over twice what they were in By way of comparison with the rest of the economy, U.

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By way of historical perspective, financial sector profits from the s until grew at the same rate as the rest of the American economy. The securities that were so instrumental in triggering the financial crisis of , asset-backed securities, including collateralized debt obligations CDOs were practically non-existent in One of the most notable features of financialization has been the development of overleverage more borrowed capital and less own capital and, as a related tool, financial derivatives : financial instruments, the price or value of which is derived from the price or value of another, underlying financial instrument.

Those instruments, whose initial purpose was hedging and risk management, have become widely traded financial assets in their own right. The most common types of derivatives are futures contracts, swaps, and options. In the early s, a number of central banks around the world began to survey the amount of derivative market activity and report the results to the Bank for International Settlements.

In the past few years, the number and types of financial derivatives have grown enormously. The scale of the Credit "insurance" problem is astounding. And from the Comptroller of the Currency, total U.


A major unknown regarding derivatives is the actual amount of cash behind a transaction. A derivatives contract with a notional value of millions of dollars may actually only cost a few thousand dollars.

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The difficulty of determining exactly how much this swap contract is worth, when accounted for on a financial institution's books, is typical of the worries of many experts and regulators over the explosive growth of these types of instruments. Contrary to common belief in the United States, the largest financial center for derivatives and for foreign exchange is London. According to MarketWatch on December 7, ,. The global foreign exchange market , easily the largest financial market, is dominated by London. More than half of the trades in the derivatives market are handled in London, which straddles the time zones between Asia and the U. And the trading rooms in the Square Mile, as the City of London financial district is known, are responsible for almost three-quarters of the trades in the secondary fixed-income markets.

In the wake of the financial crisis , a number of economists and others began to argue that financial services had become too large a sector of the US economy, with no real benefit to society accruing from the activities of increased financialization. In February , white-collar criminologist and former senior financial regulator William K.

Black listed the ways in which the financial sector harms the real economy. Black wrote, "The financial sector functions as the sharp canines that the predator state uses to rend the nation. In addition to siphoning off capital for its own benefit, the finance sector misallocates the remaining capital in ways that harm the real economy in order to reward already-rich financial elites harming the nation. Emerging countries have also tried to develop their financial sector, as an engine of economic development.

A typical aspect is the growth of microfinance or microcredit , as part of financial inclusion. Bruce Bartlett summarized several studies in a article indicating that financialization has adversely affected economic growth and contributes to income inequality and wage stagnation for the middle class. In a speech before the Reserve Bank of India , Turner said that the Asian financial crisis of —98 was similar to the —9 crisis in that "both were rooted in, or at least followed after, sustained increases in the relative importance of financial activity relative to real non-financial economic activity, an increasing 'financialisation' of the economy.

Some, such as former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson , have argued that the increased power and influence of the financial services sector had fundamentally transformed the American polity, endangering representative democracy itself through undue influence on the political system and regulatory capture by the financial oligarchy. Section 15 Expert knowledge. The theoretical and practical instruction and sufficient knowledge may also be acquired at a university upon completion of university studies within the meaning of sub-section 1 number 2 and may be proved by examination.

In place of the evidence of practical experience required in sub-section 1, proof shall be furnished of at least three years' experience in the field of medical serology or medical microbiology. By way of derogation from sentence 2, in place of the practical experience required in sub-section 1, proof shall be furnished of:. With regard to the pre-treatment of patients for the purpose of separating blood stem cells or other blood components, the responsible physician shall provide evidence of sufficient knowledge in addition to at least two years' experience in this field of activity.

The prerequisites contained in sub-section 1 remain valid for packaging and labelling. In place of the practical experience required in sub-section 1, proof must be furnished:. Section 16 Limitation of the manufacturing authorisation.

The authorisation shall be issued to the applicant for a specific factory site and for particular medicinal products and pharmaceutical forms of medicinal products and, in cases as defined in Section 14 sub-section 4, also for a specific factory site of the commissioned company or the other company. In so far as the authorisation includes the testing of medicinal products or active substances, the type of testing is to be specified. Section 17 Deadlines for the granting of marketing authorisations.

In exceptional cases, the deadline shall be extended by a further two months. The applicant shall be notified thereof prior to the expiry of the deadline and shall be informed of the grounds. The interruption shall commence on the day on which the applicant is served with the request to correct the flaws. Section 18 Withdrawal, revocation, suspension. The authorisation shall be revoked if one of the grounds for refusal subsequently developed; the suspension of the authorisation may be ordered instead of its revocation.