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July Auto Sales: On Our Way to a Million Vehicle Year? - MotorTrend

The Lexus NX comes with a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features. The Panoramic View Monitor, introduced into a Lexus vehicle for the first time, helps the driver avoid other vehicles and pedestrians approaching from the sides.

Motor Trend - 10 Best American Cars Ever Made

In Italy , the channel Motor Trend began broadcasting on April 29, at am with the Car Crash TV in place of Focus , whose brand has meanwhile passed into the hands of Mediaset. The lines fan out like a comets tail, reminiscent of the brightwork on prewar deco cars. Official fuel. Autoblog ". Nissan North America: ,, up 7. Can you believe it?

Frontal and side collision protection measures on the NX include the use of high tensile steel, across the centre-pillar hinge reinforcement, outer rockers and roof cross-members. The L-mesh black grille integrates with a metallic coated lower bumper moulding, and black side mirrors match the grille. From the very beginning Lexus was conceived to set new standards within the automotive world and this pursuit continues today. In a relatively short period of time, Lexus has established a unique place in the automotive world as a manufacturer of premium vehicles that distil breath-taking design, advanced technology, heart-stopping performance, environmental sensitivity and refined levels of luxury into one distinctive package.

The Empatica E4 records skin temp, stress level, heart rate, and hand motion. Until recently, this was pretty arcane stuff. Most peculiar was his reaction to the Z28, our BDC winner. Afterward, Pobst heaped swooning praise on the very same experience. Real-time responses as he actually flashes past concrete barriers versus a post-processed mental story about it, while relaxed and leaning against the car, without the imminent threat of a crash. Frankly, other than the simplest of questions, clear-cut answers to anything in car testing is rare. We used a smaller GoPro Hero4 Sessions to reduce the obstruction.

I could clearly spot the quirks that eliminated most of the also-rans, but the winner passed right through my fine-mesh filter; it had no warts to notice. Can we observe the back-and-forth interplay between Pobst and each of these cars in real time?

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Somehow hear— and interpret— the conversation going on between steering and pedals, horsepower and handling balance, heartbeats and deep breaths, and smiles and grimaces that are right at the intersection of everything driving is about? In addition, we surrounded all this with two interesting devices that represent the coming wave of wearable sensors.

One is a product called Hexoskin, from Carre Technologies in Montreal.

One acquires heart rate information from which it calculates recovery, too , another, respiration data breathing rate and capacity , and both are recorded by a tiny logger that also contains a three-axis accelerometer yielding your running cadence, or how often you toss and turn while sleeping. The data Bluetooths to your phone and downloads to your computer, and your records are always available in cloud storage. The E4, as well as another Empatica product. Embrace which doubles as a stylish watch are actually medical-grade sensor packages for epileptics.

That last one is particularly useful to Cruz, as it reinforces his analysis of facial expressions. Van Valkenburgh was right, and the future is arriving with wearables such as these.

Stay tuned for the future. Kim Reynolds Soon won bo listening in on both onds of this convorsation botween driver and Gar. It certainly doesn't drive Like a hybrid. In other words, it's everything you'd expect from an Audi. But about that go power This is the horse you bet to win. That time is the best lap our sick Z06 managed to squeak out.

The damn Z06 retarded spark by 8 degrees, and the 1. No luck. What we have here is a failure to compete. What a pity. Have a look at the specs: hp; Ib-ft of torque; big, brawny Brembos; I know why they run that PTM 5 mode — because it power oversteers so easy in the low gears. Chevy fans can take solace in the fact that even when wounded, the Z06 is quicker than most other high-performance machines. But can you imagine what time a working Z06 would lay down? Remember, the ZRl managed So it was disap- pointing to see Big Nasty sidelined by a mysterious engine problem not even the GM techs on hand could figure out.

And disap- pointing to also discover that a car supposedly specially earmarked for BDC testing had been sent to Happiness 1 1C Skin Temperature Had the Z06 been making full boost, one of us might have been in big trouble on That, and this entire ordeal, is unacceptable. Engineered from premium grade L steel with a 18k yellow gold fused two-tone finish, the words "designer styling" really could have been invented for this timepiece.


Get your digital copy of Motor Trend Magazine - July issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles post sales gains for the month of July.

To accompany this magnificent watch we felt only the best, solid sterling silver was suitable for our Oxford ring. Plated with two-tone 18k yellow gold and rhodium in both polished and matt finishes, this ring is guaranteed to impress. At the center of each ring is one of our flawless 3 carat brilliant created Diamonds. So how can we make an offer like this?

The answer is beautifully simple. We have no middleman to pay, no retail overheads to pay and not the usual mark-up to make, which on luxury items can be enormous. How does that work? Well, a hot hatch of any stripe is going to face fierce competition in a field stacked with single-purpose sports cars and hot-rodded super sedans. There is only so much you can squeeze from an economy car platform built for practicality and effi- ciency.

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Much of what we loved about the Golf, the features that made it our Car of the Year — its smart package, excellent ride, and handling balance — put it at a disadvantage in our quest to find the car that delivers maximum fun and emotion. That sounds bad until you look at our Laguna Lap list page 74 and note that time beats a Porsche Cayman S, the most recent Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X we tested, and a few other bona fide sports cars. The turbo-muffled engine note left a lot of us flat. In this group of contenders, the Golf R comes across as comfortably numb. Perhaps, but Markus summed it up best.

The all-new Tacoma elevates your epic adventures, thanks to first-in-class off-road technology. The Multi-terrain Select system in the TRD Off-Road features five driver- selected modes that help you take on tough terrain such as loose rock, mud or sand. The system regulates wheelspin by adjusting throttle and brake pressure to provide maximum traction and maximum fun.

Prototype shown with options.

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Production model may vary. The only place it was really consistent was here in the last corner. We were, too. The damn thing is always pogoing off the ground. The handling still needs to go to finishing school.

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Drive it beyond seven-tenths, though, and the chassis falls apart. Get a quote and see how much you could save today. For this exercise we opted for the sportier-looking and pound lighter coupe variant. The s brought unprecedented inno- vation in machine-age technology and materials.

Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S laptime at Motortrend Figure-8

Industrial designers from the auto industry translated the principles of aerodynamics and streamlining into everyday objects like radios and toasters. It was also a decade when an unequaled variety of watch cases and movements came into being. In lieu of hands to tell time, one such complication; called a jumping mechanism, utilized numerals on a disc viewed through a window.

With its striking resemblance to the dashboard gauges and radio dials of the decade, the jump hour watch was indeed 'hn tune" with the times! The Stauer s Dashtronic deftly blends the modern functionality of a jewel automatic movement and 3 -ATM water resistance with the distinctive, retro look of a jumping display not an True to Machine Art esthetics, the sleek brushed stainless steel case is clear on the back, allowing a peek at the inner workings.