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On the other hand, significant rain during the fall can get the trees ready for a great flowering next spring, Coder said. This is an example of how nut trees are one year behind in the climate process that affects how much mast they produce, he said. Each area's nut production will be a little different depending on its particular conditions.

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Share With Friends. Friend s Name s. Friend s Email s. Your Name. Your Email. Close Send Now. Adults 1 Adult 2 Adults. Eight years later as George W. This background is important because it was in the spring of —before the election—that ACORN first learned of a scandal that would rear its ugly face publicly eight years later. While close to the organization and its founder, I never knew about any of this until early June , when the shocking news arrived in a voicemail that Wade Rathke, the remarkable founder of ACORN, had resigned as rumors of financial impropriety began to circulate both within and outside the organization.

This had been devastating news to the few inside the organization who learned of it as the Presidential campaign raged on. It had developed a unique structure—combining c 3 training organizations, c 4 advocacy groups, non-profit housing groups, and, at its base, a membership organization that was not tax-exempt. With central financial and managerial services, it was as unusual as it was effective, and lent itself to a complicated revenue structure: government grants, membership dues, fees for service like help with tax preparation , CCHD grants the big Catholic fund for low-income initiatives , and, of course, support from the more daring progressive funders in the foundation community.

When the malfeasance became known internally, there was a lot on the line. Such a private restitution is not unusual in the commercial world where companies seek to preserve brand identity, etc. But in the non-profit world, not so much.

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In this case, the loss became a receivable, regularly recognized in annual external audits, and the organization moved on. In typical foundation-world style, facts were few but curiosity deep. Almost immediately, the large national ACORN board and dozens of staff became engrossed in the conversation—what happened?

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Who knew? Was grant money involved? Deep conflicts emerged about the restitution agreement reached years earlier.

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As the Board debated and fractures deepened, Wade Rathke, the founder who had made it all happen for 38 years, resigned to the ACORN Executive Committee in order to take responsibility, a stunning development to many observers. What happened next is most interesting, especially in the context of the national political climate at the time. For weeks, the organization struggled to deal with an unexpected change in leadership Rathke was eventually replaced with Bertha Lewis—an outspoken New Yorker and no particular fan of Rathke , and, even more importantly, a crisis of frozen funds.

I personally had a role in what happened next. I had had some remarkable good fortune in the business world years earlier, having been among the founders of Working Assets Long Distance now Credo Mobile.

Why do oak trees produce more acorns some years but not others?

I spoke with some of the new leadership at ACORN about whether purchasing what remained of the restitution note, by then reduced by eight years of payments from the family, would help the organization. In early July, I effected the purchase anonymously. A couple of things happened as a result. I remember two indelible conversations with colleagues in the field during this period. With my friend Gara LaMarche, a member of the funders committee, I argued about whether the original restitution agreement was an acceptable resolution.

In his view, it was not; he believed Dale Rathke should have been publicly identified as the culprit and the matter turned over to the authorities, regardless of the consequences to the organization.

A matter of principle trumped the decision of a membership-governed organization. Good governance was good governance regardless of consequences. My argument was simple: if they had done so, ACORN would have been crushed by the political forces of the right—as indeed the organization was a year and a half after Bertha Lewis replaced Rathke. Wade had been one of our founding board members at the Tides Foundation in , and still served.

He was one of the best, most thoughtful board members with whom I have ever worked, and I was reluctant to let this controversy affect his continued service. But funders felt differently. As the Tides board headed toward the fall and our annual Momentum Conference, pressure built. For example, Lance Lindblom of the Cummings Foundation suggested that they would likely not fund any Tides Center project or Tides Foundation funding collaborative if Rathke continued to serve on our board.

In one short meeting, he tested my personal commitment to a long-time colleague against my organizational commitment to Tides. I have rarely felt such excruciating pressure.