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To view it, click here. Rose Tremain remains one of my favorite authors. There is nothing flashy or false about the way she slowly dissects the lives of others, picking at scabs and uncovering hurts; revealing truths many of us have spent a lifetime trying to articulate.

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In Trepass , her latest novel, a British man in his later years is murdered in the French countryside. Tremain shows us, in her slow, graceful prose, how this may be the best possible outcome--for the man, and for his murderer. Perhaps what I like best Rose Tremain remains one of my favorite authors. Perhaps what I like best about Rose Tremain is the fearless way she puts her finger on the pulse of a story, and proceeds, with few extra words, to describe a world--a world we may not be familiar with, but peopled by those we know.

We know them because they are us. She is not cruel, but she is unblinking. She sees, and she tells. She is sophisticated, and witty.

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Her prose is clear, uncluttered, and extraordinarily descriptive. She writes literature. View 2 comments. Like a Patricia Highsmith novel, but without the skin-crawling sensations or capri pants. A masterfully told story.

Beautiful descriptive language. Dark and disturbing subject matter. Deep with symbolism. I am amazed by this author's control and fearlessness. Nov 22, TheGirlBytheSeaofCortez rated it really liked it Shelves: booker-nominees-and-winners , contemporary-authors , literary-fiction , english-literature-today.

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Later, an additional Cause of Action was recognized for injuries that were not forcible or direct. In Scotland it is not recognized in any form other than in discussion of temporary intrusion on heritage and even then in a non-technical sense. They seem either blind to their faults or dismissive of them. It says in the blurb "From the moment he Anthony Verey arrives at the Mas Lunel, a frightening and unstoppable series of consequences is set in motion In atmospheric menace it reminded me a great deal of Highsmith.

While Audrun and Aramon are more or less estranged, Veronica and Anthony have remained very close. His deceased father, Serge, left him a wonderful stone mas, the Mas Lunel, which Aramon hopes to sell to Anthony for , euros. Audrun, who steadfastly refuses to rebuild deeper in the forest, out of sight of the Mas Lunel, alienates Anthony, Aramon, and all the local estate agents, who feel they cannot sell the Mas Lunel until the dispute between brother and sister is settled.

Although the Mas Lunel can definitely be restored to its former idyllic beauty, Aramon has not kept it up. Tremain writes, " Diseases came to the trees. The vine terraces crumbled. The rivers silted up. And nobody seemed to notice or care. He only cares about getting out. He has no love for the Mas Lunel or the land around it.

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In fact, possessing the mas is the one thing that keeps Audrun going from day-to-day. As would be expected, all of the main characters in Trespass have either trespassed on the rights of others or are planning to do so. Kitty, who realizes that the deep bond between Anthony and Veronica was formed long before she and Veronica even met struggles with the once carefree relationship she and her lover shared, a relationship that is now facing destruction from outside forces. Though they both adored their mother, Bernadette, their father was abusive, and he encouraged Aramon to follow his example.

Both brother and sister struggle to come to terms with their poisoned past, though they struggle in different ways. The woods of holm oak and beech and chestnut and pine are lovely, but Tremain never lets us forget that its loveliness is fraught with danger. They seem either blind to their faults or dismissive of them. But they did seem real. They were one hundred percent believable and so is their story.

The reference is distracting. Her characters are in search of redemption from their trespasses, and some of them are more active about pursuing that redemption than others. Is it worth it? Well, Tremain wisely leaves that for her readers to decide. View all 6 comments. I so wanted to like this book. It sounded so promising. The first chapter was really very good and I was looking forward to the "frightening and unstoppable series of consequences" mentioned on the back of my paperback copy.

Sadly, by the time we got to that point, I was totally and completely disenchanted by every single one of the characters including the isolated stone farmhouse in southern France, which is a bit of a character in itself I am not going to go into a summary of the story because you can get that from the other reviewers. What I will say is that Rose Tremain has a lovely way with words. Some of them were so beautiful that I found myself reading them several times before moving on: "They both knew it was borrowed: the view of hills; even the sunsets and the clarity of the stars.

Somewhere they knew it didn't belong to them.

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Because if you left your own country, if you left it late, and made your home in someone else's country, there was always a feeling that you were breaking an invisible law, always the irrational fear that, one day, some 'rightful owner' would arrive to take it all away, and you would be driven out Unfortunately, I just couldn't find any redeeming qualities in the characters and therefore, couldn't have cared less what happened to them. Frankly, if the book had been any longer, I would have lost the will to live and wouldn't have finished it. Needless to say, I found myself quite relieved when it was over.

However, the use of language was lovely and I did find myself completely seduced by it at times Okay I can't rate this novel I love the way Rose Tremain writes, her words and sentences. I was really liking the story until there was a scene I could nt get past, not sure this needed to be so graphically out there.

Anyway it ruined the bok for me. Guess I'm just too much of a prude. See more of my book reviews on my blog, Literary Flits I absolutely loved Rose Tremain's historical fiction novel The Colour when I read it three years ago. She's an author whose I have meant to read more of and finally got around to this week. Trespass, for me, didn't have the immersive power of The Colour, but is still a very well written novel with an intriguing mystery at its heart. It is set in southern France, an area that Tremain knows well, and her expertise comes across in the writing.

I loved her evocation of the lonely rural community and the ties of local people to the land they have farmed in the same way for generations. The strained relationship between siblings Audrun and Aramon Lunel - and the dark reason for this - is beautifully portrayed and I think I would have been much happier with Trespass had Tremain focused on this French story. Instead the novel is split between the Lunels and a rich English brother and sister, Veronica and Anthony Verey, one of whom is already living in France and the other who decides to emigrate nearby - possibly to Mas Lunel.

Anthony Verey feels wearyingly sorry for himself for most of the book and not only did I not like his character, I found his perpetual whinging spoilt the rest of this story for me as well.

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He used to be rich and famous within his nartow Chelsea art clique. Now he isn't but he still has a lot more than most people so my empathy with his 'poor me' routine was pretty much zero throughout - I'd love to be able to just buy a French farmhouse on a whim!

Both sisters have to take responsibility for their brothers, practically parenting them much of the time, which was interesting as the males still insisted on seeing themselves as being in charge. Women in Trespass are strong, but are treated as weak for the sake of pride which is something that rang very true from my family.

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I'm glad to have read Trespass and currently have two more borrowed Rose Tremain books awaiting me so I look forward to reading them soon. I don't know exactly what to expect as Tremain writes her stories in different settings and eras. Sep 19, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it. Feb 28, Bonnie Brody rated it it was amazing.